Hawaii – August 20th

Cruise Ship Day

Cruise Ship Day!

Saffron Finches


Hawaii – August 19th



2014 Update


Towards the end of December there was an ice storm. It was horrible. The power was out and it was freezing.
Heather and I got very sick. Her Mom came and got us for Christmas, but I didn’t see much of the actual holiday. I very much appreciated going to her home and being incredibly warm and getting to sleep in the warm. Thanks Gail!
Our sick went on through January. Cold/Flu/Respiratory thing. I had a lot of Benylin and there was lots of sleeping.
I don’t remember doing a lot.

Um, there was making things.

Heather made me Night Vale plushies. I put them on my Tumblr.

Into March…

Tumblr is amazing. Night Vale is amazing. I have met so many good friends there now. My friend, 19cam85, is on there more and more, so I get to talk with them more. I am so thrilled with Tumblr. Between the community there and the NerdFighters (led by John & Hank Green) and the boys of SPP, I feel like there is so much love and awesome in the world. I feel like I am coming out of this shell that I thought I needed to wear. The shell that no one asked me to wear (not specifically), but that I thought I Should wear. And it wasn’t even worthy of me. Because I am Awesome.


March Forth Like A Lion.


Oh boy has this year shot past.
Heather and I have been working on Lupercalia a lot lately. I would love to have the first book’s first complete draft done by the end of the January. That would make me feel accomplished and hopefully it will get the ball rolling for the next one.

So far this month, we have went to
and it was pretty damn awesome.
I have read the books. I really liked them. So, I knew what I was in for and somehow, that made the crushing, soul stabbing of the subject matter bearable. Which, I suppose is the point, to point out the err of the world’s ways. There are plenty of parallels. I wish I could change them, but somehow I feel as powerless as Effie.
I can not say that I know exactly how some one living in the districts feel. I have only ever lived in the US and Canada. Things are pretty cushy here compared to other places. I can relate through the book. I can relate by being Bisexual and watching how that is playing out in the States. I’m sure most people have some thing they feel they are being oppressed over.
I’m not sure where I’m going with this, so I’ll come back to it. Maybe The Hunger Games needs its own post.

We also went to Curry’s, an art store here in Toronto.

They were having a sale on Koi water brushes and mixed media paper, so we had to go.

At the Wendy’s across the street, we popped in to get a drink and they had a really neat Coke dispenser.
Coke Dispenser
Heather picked out lemonade and then there were options! for different flavours. We had a strawberry and a raspberry. Very exciting, I know.

After the movie we went to Indigo
(and Toys R Us, though there weren’t any good deals on the dolls we were looking at) and looked through art magazines at Starbucks.
We bought this one because it was packed with Amazing. Virginie Ropars‘ dolls are front and center and there’s a whole lot more awesome in the way of Connie Smith‘s anthro dolls and an anthro doll challenge due in March. Love these magazines. Now I just have to get my butt in gear and make!

December ATCs

DeanCasBigBang 2013 : Come in from the Cold

CiFtC banner


Come In From the Cold

written for the 2013 DeanCas Big Bang on livejournal

When Castiel Angelios moves to town to eventually fill his brother’s old position in the family business, he never expected to be enlisted in an increasingly antagonistic prank war between his family and another. Nor did he expect to meet someone like Dean Winchester, the charming and beautiful owner of the cafe across the street. But while Castiel attempts to navigate the line between loyalty to his family, and strengthening this fledgeling friendship, he discovers that both sides are using illegal magics to get ahead, jeopardizing everything that Castiel has built for himself.

Written by deathbycoldopen

Art by Phrixy

Read on AO3

(Art after the cut!)

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Toronto Harbour Tours

Heather and I finally went on our boat tour! There was a deal on Groupon for it (all gone by now, sorry), so I got it for something fun to do for our Anniversary. The season is almost done, so I’m glad we managed to make it! It was really nice on Saturday too, 21*C, which is about 70*F. Heather sat by the window, so she might have thought it was colder…being splashed lol

Next time we’ll venture out onto the Islands. They looked really neat.


After the Tour we travelled up Bathurst to the Bazaar of the Bizarre ( http://www.thebazaarofthebizarre.org/) where there were a lot of interesting things and people. We picked up a couple button pins and a magnet and lots of business cards.

All in all, a very cool outing!

Guess what we saw today!


Yes! And it was awesome! Although (imdb says) it was 2 hours and 10 minutes long, it felt like only an hour and 10 minutes. There could have been way more in there, I had thought. Now, with the 2 hour time, well, maybe they did the best job they could cramming all of that story in. The longest Harry Potter was 2 hours 41 minutes.
I might be a little bias, as this movie was filmed (mostly) in Toronto and it was fun to try to recognize some of the locations. There was a hallway from Casa Loma and I think Queen Street had the Pandemonium Club. I’m also pretty sure I’ve been in that cemetery they were walking in.
Magnus was great. I mean: stil3
He’s very much subdued in comparison to the novel version, but he has what, four or five more movies to get flashy?
Of course, the rest of the cast was great too. I really like the casting, even if some of them didn’t exactly match who walked around in my head while I read the story. (Namely Alec, if you’re wondering.)
So, if you’re in the mood for a movie, you should go check this one out. I hope the powers that be come out with a DVD pack that has one of those angelic rune necklaces with it.

Like the one in the Mega Mini Kit, mega-mini-kit

which I have not been able to find here. Mind you I’ve only looked at Indigo, but they usually have book tie-in merchandise there.

Since we went to the movies, we also went to Indigo, read magazines and had Passion Tea Lemonades. :D

We ended up picking up the 2013 Halloween Issue of Art Doll Quarterly!pubCover

Ear Wraps!

I finally made some! It wasn’t even very hard.
Heather was having a Geeky Craft swap on ATCsforAll.com and I made these for the Doctor Who group.


(Left to Right)
The 1st is supposed to feature a Cyberman shrink plastic charm, but in the picture it’s turned around. Arg.
The Delete key is visible though! As well as the tiny!Tardis charm I handpainted.

The 2nd has to do with Torchwood and the Love for the show, as well as the bit of the Tardis that the Doctor gave Jack. (Amber) There’s also a drop of goldstone, very spacey.

The 3rd’s theme is…Weeping Angels! Don’t Blink! Well, one. I made one out of wire and hung it with another tiny!Tardis. The actual wrap is smaller to better emphasize the Angel.

The 4th is about 10 and Rose, with their avatars being the sphere, swirl beads (one is teal, the other pink). And the Timey Wimey-ness that is Doctor Who.